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Orlando golf vacations - Choices for a golfers break

Orlando boasts some of the most beautiful rounds of golf you could imagine. The Florida climate is perfect for the game and there are plenty of Orlando golf vacations to be found online when you start to look. There are 24 courses to choose from within the limits of Orlando alone which means you will not be spoilt for choice when looking for Orlando golf vacations.

Orlando also boasts the fact that it is home to over 30 PGA golfers and many of the courses to be found in Orlando are home for many of the large tournaments each year held in Florida. Whether you are looking to book Orlando golf vacations as a package which includes hotel and flights or whether you wish to book Orlando golf vacations just for a round of golf on the course, you can find the cheapest deals on the internet and save a great deal of money by booking online.

The best package deals for Orlando golf vacations will include everything you could wish for, a stay in one of the top resorts and a set amount of rounds of golf depending on which package you choose. Usually when booking Orlando golf vacations this way you are able to tailor your package to exactly what you wish. For example you can choose a 7 night vacation that includes a round of gold everyday. The cost of the vacation will reflect this and usually the longer you choose to stay and the more rounds you choose, the cheaper the package will be. Deals such as this will normally be taken with a travel agent, but if you prefer you can also choose to put together your own Orlando golf vacations and make some great savings.

If you shop around online and gather together prices for just a round of golf with the many courses available to you around Orlando, you can then look around for hotels that fit within your budget. This can be an excellent choice when it comes to keeping down the cost of Orlando golf vacations as you are not paying top price for the accommodation on the grounds of the golf course. Choosing motels instead of hotels will also help you to keep down the cost when it comes to planning your Orlando golf vacations.

When planning Orlando golf vacations it also helps if you are flexible. Sometimes there are cancellations at the last minute and these will be offered online at a much cheaper cost. If you don't mind taking your vacation at the last minute then this is the way to make huge savings. Other ways to keep down the cost of Orlando golf vacations include not having a caddy. The majority of golf courses will provide you with a caddy if you want, however they will charge for this service and in some of the golf resorts this can add a fair amount onto your bill. If you have the choice and need to keep the cost down then choose to play your round of golf without the caddy.

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